Best Razors for Women

Shaving used to be the stuff of horror movies—involving nicked skin, rashes and post-shave scabs. Thank the beauty gods that razor brands have stepped up their game and delivered razors that are actually pleasant to use, thus making shaving less of a chore. See here for our top razor picks.

1Best For Dry Skin

Schick Hydro Silk, $9.99

Razor moisture bars are like juice cleanses; great in theory, but never really practical. Schick’s new Hydro Silk revolutionizes the category by replacing the usually bulky and cumbersome bars with hydrating serum that activates with water, making for a sleeker head that zips over skin and reaches those intimate places where we’d prefer to pretend there’s no hair.

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Svelte skin guards top each of the five blades to protect against irritation, without interfering with a close shave. Sign us up.

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2Best Disposable

Gillette Venus Embrace, $10.99 for three

While most disposables don’t run past three blades, Gillette Venus Embrace Disposables features a full five blade head. Protective moisture ribbons are richer than the rest of the category, and an ergonomically-designed soft handle looks so much like the refillable version, you’ll likely question whether you should really toss.

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For the fancier trimmings, there’s one catch: you get three razors instead of the four plus typically found in other disposable packs; but for those prone to nicks, you’ll save the cost in Band-Aids.

3Best For Sensitive Skin

Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care, $9.29

Filler and fragrance are f-words for sensitive folk who likely experience itchiness after shaving, but Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care instead uses a hypoallergenic shave solid that is enriched with 100 percent aloe to soothe skin.

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Four precise blades allow for a once-over shave that doesn’t risk further irritation with repeat passes, and a pivot head makes for less drag. Tip: to keep legs irritation-free after shaving, hydrate damp skin with a ceramide-containing moisturizer like Curél Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion to boost skin barrier function.

4Best Bang For Your Buck

Bic Soleil Bella for Women Disposables, $6 for three

For $2 a pop, you get a four-blade razor that does a solid shave job, and features hydrating technology with coconut milk moisture strips as well as a pivoting head—all of which push it a quality step above other budget disposable options.

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To enhance your “shaving experience,” the brand has scented the handles—though we’re not entirely sure why one would want to luxuriate over the act of shaving when there are books, chocolate and yoga to get to.

5Best Travel Razor

Gillette Venus ProSkin Moisturerich, $9.79

If you’re a girl on the go, lugging a bottle of shave cream plus a razor can take up too much space in your bag—and, err—cause accidents. Gillette Venus ProSkin Moisturerich eliminates the need to schlep a can with built-in shave gel bars that are formulated with a triple blend of body butters to cushion skin as you shave.

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What’s not in the shave gel: perfumes and dyes, which helps minimize the risk of irritation. And when you’re home, you can switch in any other razor blade. Can they teach it to cook next?

6Best Electric Action

Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver with Bikini Trimmer, $49.99

If you want the ability to shave wet or dry, we’ve found your new best friend. Panasonic Close Curves Shaver can be used in the shower with lather for an invigorating feel, or dry—while say, double-tasking on the sofa during DVR catch-up.

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A pivot head conforms to the shape of your curves, and the brand purports the sharpest blades on the ladies shaving market, with nickel-free, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades for a close, long-lasting shave. A pop-up trimmer features multiple bikini length settings.

7Best Trim Add-On

Schick Quattro For Women TrimStyle, $10.99

If you prefer your razor like your latte—with options—Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle allows you to trim or shave with just one tool. The trimmer is waterproof, AAA battery-powered and features a choice of three length settings.

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For the closest trim possible, the comb can even be removed. On the other side, the razor is a quality refillable four-blade head. Pick from the new hot pink or classic turquoise handle—and you can even choose from sensitive or ultra smooth refillable razors. We’ll wager to bet a woman designed this one.

8Best Boy’s Steal

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, $8.99

Some women swear by the close shave and pivoting precision found in the men’s shaving aisle, and Gillette Mach3 Turbo proves the most steal-worthy. Three anti-friction razor blades make for a close shave that smoothly skims skin, thanks to generous spacing between the blades and microfins that follow changing curves without leaving the surface.

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(Note: manufacturers argue that the rectangular surface of a man’s razor is made for the face, while the oval-shaped cartridge of most women’s razors are designed to run over curvy body shapes, bony spots like ankles and knees, and small intimate areas. The decision, of course, is yours to make.)

9Best Novelty Razor

Zafirro Iridium Razor, $100,000 (no, that’s not a typo)

We can’t imagine who would actually buy it—Arab princes? Bailed-out Freddie Mac execs? For a cool $100,000, the Zafirro razor boasts rust and dull-resistant sapphire blades so fine, they measure only 80 atoms wide.

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The handle is made out of iridium, a tenacious and rare metal that comes from meteorites, and which is used to build space rockets. Only 99 models were made, and buyers from the Far East have already scooped up several. This is one razor you don’t want to forget in a hotel room.