We’ve all been there: home too late and up too early to give your hair the wash it desperately needs. But don’t glue that fedora to your head just yet. This is why dry shampoo was invented, people.Product: BlowPro FauxDry Dry ShampooPrice: $20, Ulta.comWe Think:


How It Looks, How It Smells: BlowPro’s FauxDry bottle comes in a squeezable plastic bottle in a cute robin’s egg blue color. It goes on with a slightly starchy smell (typical for dry shampoos) but is basically scent-free.How To Use It: Dry shampoo can be used all over your locks, but it’s best for sopping up oils that gather around your scalp. After shaking first, I used BlowPro’s Faux Dry by holding the bottle about six inches from my head and lightly squeezing it release a small, powdery cloud of the dry shampoo.  I repeated this all over my crown, lifting up sections of hair to spray underneath. Then I used my fingers to gently ghush the product into my hair so it didn’t just sit there all powdery. When you’ve ghushed it properly, you should see no white powdery residue at all.Results: I’m ashamed to admit my greasy self went four days in a row without washing my hair while testing FauxDry … and every single day I think I pulled off having the look of clean hair. Score! Of course, my freshened-up ‘do didn’t have the same volume as if I’d actually had a wash but the lack of oils weighing my hair down kept it from looking limp. More importantly, my locks didn’t look even the slightest bit greasy and over several days the product didn’t build up the way some products do. All in all, this is the best dry shampoo that I’ve ever used — and the fact it wasn’t tested on animals is the icing on the cake.I tested BlowPro FauxDry Dry Shampoo with a free sample, but I’d happily purchase it in the future.