The latest self-confidence campaign incorporates an unlikely medium: wall decor. Oh, and an all-women Texas rockband.A few weeks ago, Swedish-based furniture giant Ikea unveiled their “Motivational Mirror” in the UK. It appears to be your average, run-of-the-mill wall fixture, but lights up and pays a compliment to shoppers when they stop to gaze into it. “Wow, have you been working out?” it asks one woman. And, “Darling, your dress looks amazing!” the cheery British mirror-woman proclaims to another. Nothing like a simple compliment to really boost your mood (especially after hours of furniture shopping).Now, Texas rockband The Mrs. has decided to take the idea of a motivational mirror one step further to hammer home the message of their song “I’m Enough.” They set up their magic mirror at a local mall, and when women stop to take a peek at their reflection, the mirror becomes interactive. “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?” it asks, and then prompts the shopper to use the touchscreen to indicate on a sliding scale how she feels—ranging from “woof” to “drop dead gorgeous.” Not surprisingly, many weren’t feeling too great about what they saw.And then the mirror talks. And not only compliments the women, but tells them WHY they’re amazing. Family members appeared in the mirror with a recorded message to tell the women how truly inspirational, beautiful and important they are — and that it’s time to start believing it themselves.Then the mirror prompted them to choose how they feel now, and through tear-soaked faces, the women all choose the highest response: I’m enough.Unfortunately, we all don’t have a magic mirror hanging around to spit out compliments for us on the reg — wouldn’t that be great? But we can remember to use this affirmation when we’re feeling down. Looking at yourself and seeing your bad hair day can easily make you forget how awesome you are — make it your duty to always remind yourself.Join the conversation #imEnough on social media, and let us know in the comments below: what does “I’m Enough” mean to you?