It seems like everywhere we turn, makeup artists are singing the praises of highlighters and skin-brightening products. But this makeup trend isn’t really just a fleeting runway look that’ll be over next season. Brightening and highlighting the skin are proven ways to look younger and healthier — and those beauty standards don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Brightness = Youth

Glowing skin and even skin tone are two of the most obvious markers of youth. Skin tends to dry out as we age, losing some of its natural oils and ability to retain hydration and making it appear flaky and dull. Skin also thins we age. So it makes sense that the opposite — a healthy, plump, pillowy-soft complexion — signifies youth.

Sure, wrinkles make our age more apparent. But in addition to reducing wrinkles, in recent years skincare has started to focus more on giving us dewy, glowy skin. Could it be perhaps that everyone, whether or not they’ve noticed their first fine line yet, could benefit from some extra illumination? Or maybe, we’re finally realizing that looking young doesn’t just mean having a crease-free forehead?

Brightness = Health

Beyond the signifier of youthfulness, a healthy, bright complexion is also a sign of good health. That’s because eating a balanced, healthy diet full of vitamins and healthy fats shows through on your face — in a good way. On the flipside, if you’re subsisting on starchy, sugary, or fried foods, it’ll become apparent in your complexion, too. Research has shown that eating too much sugar can damage collagen and elastin, the important proteins that keep skin tight and wrinkle-free. Plus, skin that’s damaged — whether it be from aging, smoking , pollution or UV rays — can start to look dull, begin to wrinkle, and develop hyperpigmentation, AKA age or sun spots. Before logging so many years of wear and tear, our skin was free of all those things.

Get Your Brightness Back

Dead skin cells resting on the surface are one of the biggest hindrances to a bright complexion. A buildup not only makes skin look a little blah, but it also can clog pores, leading to blemishes. While a splattering of acne may bring you back to your teenage days, that’s not the kind of youthfulness you really want to feel!

Treat your skin to products that will give you the luminosity you’re pining for, while bolstering your skin’s health so it can hold onto that glow for even longer. StriVectin’s Intensive Illuminating Serum is full of brightening ingredients like algae and daisy flower extract, which help nix discoloration, evening out skintone and giving skin a natural glow.  Follow it up with the Radiance Refining Moisturizer for further brightening benefits and to infuse skin with essential hydration.

If you want better skin, you also need to clean up whatever lifestyle habits that may be bringing your complexion down with them — such as smoking cigarettes and skimping on sunscreen. Both cause damage on a cellular level, making it tougher for skin to renew itself and look healthy and bright (not to mention the slew of health problems they can cause, too).  While you’re at it, try incorporating more physical activity into your weekly routine. Moving and sweating gets your blood flowing, — to your face and skin in particular — and can help impart a healthy, happy glow.

This post is sponsored by StriVectin.