Calvin Klein model Myla Dalbesio took to the “Today Show” yesterday morning to discuss the backlash that sprung from being designated as “plus size” in the brand’s Perfectly Fit campaign. Dalbesio, a size 10, reminds us that Calvin Klein never labeled her as plus size; that label appears to have generated on the Internet, possibly from this article discussing plus sizes within the industry.Dalbesio instead refers to herself as an “in-betweenie,” a model who doesn’t fit into a sample size (a 0 or 2, sizes you see on a mannequin) or a plus size.  She told “Today” that “[Calvin Klein] released this campaign with me alongside all the other girls and didn’t make a fuss about it.” She continued:

“Life doesn’t work in only extremes. It’s not just super skinny or just larger…it’s humbling [that] things might change for girls that are shaped like me, in the fashion industry and beyond.”

The tide is already turning for Dalbesio herself, who has gotten the type of positive feedback that matters. She says, “I’m getting these emails from 15-year-old girls in the middle of America saying ‘thank you so much, I’ve never seen myself represented this way before.”You can watch Myla Dalbesio on the “Today Show” below:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy