Celebrities With Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead and chin, sweeping down into a pointed chin, often creating a sweet and cheerful look. Some heart faces can be long, others may be rounded.  Cute and adorable, this face shape can also appear flirty and downright sexy. These celebrities show off hair and makeup techniques that flatter their heart shaped faces.

1Halle Berry

Face Shape: Heart

Berry’s strong brows contrast nicely with the gentler curves in her face.

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2Reese Witherspoon

Face Shape: Heart
Heart-shaped faces like Witherspoon’s have a broad forehead and cheeks, then taper to a pointed chin. This full, wavy hairstyle that flows down to her shoulders balances the proportions of her face while emphasizing its sweet shape.

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3Jennifer Love Hewitt

Face Shape: Long Heart
The classic pink blush on the apples of Hewitt’s cheeks emphasizes the sweet, heart shape of her face.

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4Angelica Bassett

Face Shape: Long Heart

A long heart-shaped face like Bassett’s always has beautiful cheekbones that shine when smiling. Bassett’s dewy, lustrous blush accentuates the apples of the cheeks to give her face an enviable glow.

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5Zooey Deschanel

Face Shape: Rounded Heart
Long curls like Deschanel’s lengthen her rounded heart-shaped face, while layers highlight her natural contours.

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6Eva Longoria

Face Shape: Rounded Heart
Longoria’s impeccably arched brows contrast beautifully with her angelic face shape.

7Ashley Olsen

Face Shape: Rounded Heart
Olsen’s bold brows give definition to her sweet, round face.

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8Scarlett Johansson

Face Shape: Long Heart
Johansson’s brows have a soft, subtle arch that plays up the romantic softness of her long heart-shaped face.


Face Shape: Rounded Heart
Ashanti’s long, sweeping layers flatter the heart shape of her face by balancing out the narrower width of the bottom half of her face.

10Sandra Oh

Face Shape: Long Heart
The cheeks are often the central feature of a long heart-shaped face like Oh’s. Her bold, pink lip color is the perfect compliment to her elegant cheekbones.

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11Audrey Tautou

Face Shape: Heart
Tatou’s chic haircut flairs out at the bottom, complementing the width of her forehead.