Celebrities With Long Face Shapes

Long faces are considered the most regal of all face shapes.  A strong jaw, elongated forehead, and broad cheekbones are all hallmarks of this elegant face shape, which typically has a much narrower width than height.  These celebrities have mastered hair and makeup techniques to flatter their long face shapes to emphasize their graceful bone structure.

1Liv Tyler

Long, flowing layers are always flattering on long, regal faces like Tyler’s.

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2Victoria Beckham

Beckham’s dark lashes make her eyes the focus of her long, regal face.

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3Sanaa Lathan

Lathan uses a creamy blush to highlight the center of her face, focusing attention on her glowing cheeks.

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4Kim Kardashian

Sometimes a long face needs a point of definition to really stand out. Kardashian’s dramatic lashes make her eyes the focus of her face.

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5Meryl Streep

A long, elegant face can be overwhelmed by too much color. Streep keeps it simple with neutral tones, letting the the graceful angles of her face shine.

6Raquel Welch

Welch’s voluminous, shoulder-length hairstyle flawlessly flatters the length of her face.

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7Courtney Cox

Cox’s long lashes make her eyes the dramatic focal point of her long, elegant face.


Iman sweeps a section of her hair over her forehead to add fullness to her face.

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9Carrie Underwood

Underwood’s side-swept bangs perfectly balance the vertical proportions of her face.

10Angelina Jolie

Jolie sticks to neutral shades in her makeup to avoid overwhelming the dramatic, geometric shape of her long face.