Celebrities with Oval Face Shapes

Proportionally speaking, oval faces have hit the jackpot. The height, width, chin and jaw measurements of these faces are all within average ranges of each other, making this the most common (and the most enviable) face shape of all. Women with oval faces can usually experiment with all sorts of beauty trends. These oval faced celebrities demonstrate hair and makeup techniques that flatter this coveted face shape.

1Selma Hayek

The subtly applied blush Hayek’s cheeks warms up her complexion and complements the ideal proportions of her oval shaped face.

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2Julianne Moore

Moore’s bold eye makeup gives her face a point of definition and lets her sexy eyes smolder.

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3Tina Fey

Fey’s chic, choppy layers allow her curls to fall neatly around her shoulders, complementing the bone structure of her oval shaped face.

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4Kate Middleton

Middleton is a longtime fan of applying eyeliner to her lower lids, which sharply defines her eyes and makes them the focus of her perfectly proportioned face.

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5Jessica Alba

Alba’s peachy blush adds the perfect glow to complement the elegant bone structure of her oval shaped face.

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6Joan Baez

Baez’s bangs skim gracefully along her forehead to highlight the natural angles in her face.

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7Carey Mulligan

Mulligan’s sleek pixie cut works well with her oval face shape because her bangs skim across her forehead, emphasizing the ideal symmetry of her face.

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8Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis’ dewy blush highlights the elegant oval structure of her face and makes her complexion glow.


Oprah’s bold eyeliner on her lower lash line makes her eyes pop and enhances the features in her oval shaped face.

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10Jennifer Connelly

The smokey eyeliner smudged along Connelly’s lower lash line makes her eyes pop against the delicate proportions of her face.