Celebrities With Square Face Shapes

Square faces are slightly wider than they are tall, with a strong, sculpted jaw.  Some women with this lean facial symmetry can also have long or rounded square face shapes.  This look is often contoured and sexy, full of gorgeous natural angles. These celebrities utilize hair and makeup techniques that flatter their facial proportions and show off their beautiful, chiseled faces.


Face Shape: Square
Rihanna’s highly textured hair is the ideal length for her face shape. Her bob hits at mid-neck, giving her haircut a great shape while softening the natural angles of her face.

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2Emily Deschanel

Face Shape: Square

Deschanel’s hair has sleek layers that complement her bone structure without overwhelming the strong, square features of her face.

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3Lady Gaga

Face Shape: Square

Gaga’s curved brows soften the angles in her face and contrast subtly with her chiseled facial features.

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4Demi Moore

Face Shape: Square

Moore’s bold, gently arched brows give her face a strong and youthful look.

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5Lucy Liu

Face Shape: Rounded Square
Liu’s impeccably groomed brows emphasize the delicate bone structure of her rounded square face shape.

6Natalie Portman

Face Shape: Rounded Square
The taupe and bisque shades in Portman’s eye makeup opens up her eyes and creates a round shape that contrasts beautifully with the square angles of her face.

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7Leighton Meester

Rounded Square:

The simple, fine layers in Meester’s hair give it movement and allow the natural angles of her face to really shine.


Face Shape: Rounded Square
Mo’Niques clean, arched brows enhance her face’s natural angles.

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9Minka Kelly

Face Shape: Long Square
Kelly’s soft, flowing waves contrast nicely with her sexy, chiseled features.

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10Kristen Wiig

Face Shape: Long Square
Wiig’s sleek, straight locks coupled with her side-swept bangs flatter the square angles of her face.

11Olivia Wilde

Face Shape: Long Square

Wilde’s gently shaped brows emphasize the natural contours of her sexy, square face.

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12Raven Simone

Face Shape: Long Square
The bisque shades in Simone’s eyeshadow contrast the gentle, round shape of her eyes against the steep angles of her face.