As the weather cools down, it’s time to start thinking about changing up your skincare routine. What was naturally dewy and glowing in the summer requires a little extra TLC to stay hydrated and calm as the temperature drops. Charlene Florian, Chief Creative Officer of Kerstin Florian International, considers chamomile one of the “best natural skincare remedies” out there. She chose chamomile for her latest range of skincare thanks to its ability to calm and protect sensitive skin. The soothing plant is especially helpful if you have what I like to call “challenging” skin. It’s safe to use on acne, eczema, sunburn, and rashes. These seven products all use chamomile to hydrate and calm the skin. What more could you ask for?

1Eye Cream

Mario Badescu

Tame your shadows with a cream that relaxes and moisturizes with Vitamin A and E.  // Mario Badescu, $18

2Body Butter

chamomile body butter

These blend of all our favorite flowers in one (hello, jasmine!) makes for an extra luxurious body butter that’ll have you soft and silky all day. // Pacifica, $15

3Body Scrub

chamomile exfoliate
Kerstin Florian

This chamomile-based exfoliant sloughs off dead skin cells and makes room for healthy, hydrated skin. // Kerstin Florian, $40

4Deodorant Swipes

chamomile whish

Target pesky pit problems like in-growns and razor burn with a blend of chamomile, calendula, and licorice that soothe even while you’re on the go. //Whish, $22 for 30

5Shave Gel


Even better, prevent shaving issues with an all-natural shave gel that’s light as air.  // Acure, $8.99

6Cleansing Gel

chamomile cleansing gel
Ecco Bella

This all-natural, certified organic cleansing gel will calm your skin with chamomile, then make it glow with a nutrient-rich formula that included Vitamins E & C.  // Ecco Bella, $31

7Facial Wipes

chamomile face wipes

You always have to remove your makeup before going to sleep, and a soft-as-silk wipe like this one from Pond’s will make you actually want to get out of bed to do it. // Pond’s, $6.74 for 30

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