There’s something iconic about the American cheerleader: the big hair, the bright makeup, the overall bounciness. Cheerleaders are accomplished athletes in their own right yet they hold a place in our collective unconsciousness for their approachable sex appeal. Not everyone can do a split, but everyone can get the all-American cheerleader look. Whether you cheer anyone on afterwards is up to you.

* Big, Bouncy Waves: Besides the high, slicked back ponytail, cheerleaders are known for their big, bouncy curls that always seem to stay perfect through all their choreography. (How do they do that?!) To keep your style as glam and flexible as a cheer captain, wrap sections of your hair around the barrel of your favorite 1 1/2 inch curling iron to create large, spiraled waves. After curling, spritz with R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($29) to keep curls in place, yet still able to move in case you want to break into your own dance routine.

* Sweat-Proof Makeup: High octane choreography, gymnast moves, and a whole lot of cheering will make any girls face slick and sweaty. To keep your skin matte and free from oily residue, start your makeup routine with a mattifying primer such as CoverFX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment. ($38) This will minimize the appearance of pores and prevent your face from looking oily.After smoothing on a primer, apply a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer for extra coverage. Foundation can sometimes look cakey when you start to sweat, so try to hold back on applying too much. Finish off with a dab of concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes you may have, and set with an all over powder.Finally, long lashes are a given. Swipe on a few layers of waterproof mascara. Sweat, tears and even spilled beers (see what I did there?) won’t be able to smudge your makeup and leave you with raccoon eyes for Super Bowl Sunday. Go for a waterproof version if touchdowns make you cry.

* Body BronzerAccentuate your figure with a body bronzer. Smooth on body makeup such as LORAC Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer ($33) to instantly tan your body for a natural, luminous look. Body bronzer emphasizes muscle tone, so smooth over your arms to show off your biceps that rival the likes of any pro cheerleader! 

*Pouty LipsThey need to see you smiling all the way in the back of the stadium, so add a punch of color to your lips and make them stand out against your skin tone with a bright shade. Matte colors, instead of lip glosses, work best for girls on the move simply because hair won’t get stuck to the sticky gloss through their routine. For all you Patriots fans, experiment with deep reds to support your team!

* Add Shimmer Cheerleaders have been seen head-to-toe in glitter, but this can be a bit overkill for the rest of us. Tone down their look with a reflective eye shadow paired with an illuminator for the apples of your cheeks. A great multitasking product to get this look is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Pink Quartz ($44).  Zero in on one color in the collection for a specific eye look, or take a large brush to the entire palette for a larger cheeky glow.For an all over body shimmer that shines with every movement, try the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41). The sheer cream-liquid was created with light-reflecting pearls for a subtle luminosity that will leave you as radiant as any professional!

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