In a world where you can get a Durex delivered straight to your door, it’s hard to believe we waited this long for the pizza condom.Sadly, the pizza box-themed condom is only a mockup created by branding and packaging designer Marina Malygina. We like the way she thinks, though. The pizza prophylactic even has sausage and tomato, if that’s your thing. Malygina writes at Behance:

“What is sex? Fun and pleasure! What else can give us these feelings? Of course, food! When I was creating this package, I was inspired by [the ] Joey character [on “Friends”] and his well-known problem: «- If you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick? – Okay… sex. No, food. No, uh… I want both!»”

Malygina might be trolling us, but it’s obvious that pizza condoms would be a huge seller. Just ask Katy Perry – pizza has never been trendier. Even Domino’s is in the midst of a 50 Shades of Greythemed campaign which involves a tongue in full bondage. Incorporate pepperoni into your sex life for all we care — as long as you’re being safe.Related Articles:Pizza Hut Thinks It’s Hot After Rebrand