Street harassment has blown up in the media recently, with more women speaking out against it on social media, and peaking with the “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” video in November. The conversation has quieted down a bit, but a new video posted on Reddit this week shove this ever-present aggression back into the spotlight.A translated version of a Peruvian PSA by Everlast called “Whistling at Your Mom” made its way to America, zeroes in on catcalling women on the street.  It’s staged, Antiviral pointed out, so it’s not actually a “Candid Camera” situation (which would have made it even better) — but the video is still makes a strong statement about street harassment. If you’d be horrified if your mother knew you treated women that way, then why are you doing it?The clip shows the host finding “repeat offenders” in Lima, Peru, a city where 7 in 10 women experience street harassment. They then track down their mothers, give them makeovers to change their looks completely (wigs included). When they mistake their moms for random women and catcall them, they have to endure the wrath of their disappointend mothers. One angry mother proceeds to hit her son with her handbag. Another straightup tells her son she is ashamed of him.The PSA may just be a staged, scripted video, but it certainly makes a point: It shouldn’t take a man harassing his own mother to get him to start respecting women.Check out the video below (and for those of us in America, you can learn more about ending street harasment at the non-profit