Chrissy Teigen is the Taylor Swift of the model industry. (Or, more accurately, Taylor Swift is the Chrissy Teigen of music.) She’s at every cool event, she’s hilarious on Twitter and Instagram, she has a cadre of famous friends, and she’s even coming out with a cookbook based on her recipe blog. The Sports Illustrated supermodel sat down with Refinery 29 to discuss her beauty tips, and we can’t think of anyone we’d rather get advice from.

On her recent hair changes:

“We hit up Sally’s [Beauty Supply store] in Mexico [laughs] and we just did it on a whim. My problem is, 90% of my hair is very fake, so I didn’t realize the toll it would take on all of it. So, getting it back to [blonde] wasn’t the easiest. It took 25 hours total over a three day period getting it back.”

On hair extensions in Hollywood:

Everybody has them. When I first got them, I had no idea how many people had them on the red carpet. I only, this past year, started working with this wonderful woman Priscilla in L.A. These are permanent in my hair [now], but I used to always use clip-ins, and that [was] for like six years or so. But, I don’t know why people want to pretend that they have this natural full hair. I’ve just never cared about it for some reason — I have no idea why people are so secretive about it. Honestly, I can’t even answer that, it’s just so silly to me. I take it out at the end of every night, I love to Instagram it.”

On – gasp! – going to bed without washing her face:

“It’s funny, because I’m actually crazy about [skincare] when I’m on an airplane or something. When I travel is when I take the best care of my skin because I have all the time in the world, and can put on every cream. But, when I come home after a long day, I’m not great about keeping everything up — the serums, and the lotions and the potions that I have — sometimes, I don’t even wash my face. But, I’m nuts about it on an airplane, I go very hard.”