Christian Louboutin is Selling a $675 Nail Polish

After an initial foray into the plebeian $50-per-bottle nail polish market earlier this summer, Christian Louboutin has launched a limited holiday edition polish named “Starlight” that retails for the far more luxurious price of $675. That’s more like it, Christian. 

Fashionista reported that the polish is the fashion house’s signature red, Rouge Louboutin. (For $675, you would think you’d at least get a new shade.) The polish also swears it is “sophisticated,” which we all know is code for expensive. Starlight is “transform[ed] into a rare exquisite jewel” by its bottle, which features 1,800 hand-applied Stass crystals. Which job sounds more fun: crystal applicator, or manicurist of the person who has $675 to spend on nail polish?

Starlight still has nothing on the most expensive nail polish on the market. The reigning champ of this (pointless, terrible) competition is still the $250,000 Azature Black Diamond, a NAIL POLISH made from 267 carats of actual black diamonds. (It looks kind of tacky.)

If you have $675 and want to buy this polish with it, drop by a Louboutin boutique, department store, or your local Sephora. 

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