Cleansing Waters: Ones to Try

Bioderma Crealine Sensibio H20, $38

This cleansing water is a cult favorite (check out for rave reviews from beauty insiders) and makeup-artist staple. It removed our (practically bulletproof) SPF 50 sunscreen beautifully, with zero irritation and not even a hint of residue. Downside? It’s hard to track down in the U.S. We found it at New London Pharmacy in New York City (order online!).


Usually rose-scented products are a little overwhelming, but this was light and fresh, not cloying. It left our skin soft and moisturized; oilier skin types might need to rinse afterward or use it as a pre-cleanser.

This product is available on our sister site, BeautySage, where we only sell products proven to work!

It has a light, fresh fragrance and whisked off foundation easily. The moisturizing finish doesn’t leave skin feeling quite as “clean” as other cleansing waters, but dry-skinned types might appreciate the added hydration.

The delicate floral smell is très French and the bottle looked gorge on our bathroom counter. Foundation and concealer came off in a flash; red lip stain took a little more scrubbing.

The fresh, woodsy smell made our bathroom feel spa-like and this cleansing water didn’t require any additional rinsing. It stung our eyes a little when taking off eyeliner, but we weren’t as careful as we could have been.