What it is: Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream, $40

What it does: Protects the delicate eye area from sun damage, which is mega-, ultra-important.

Why it works: An all-physical-blocking blend of titanium and zinc oxides (the best protective ingredients possible) reflect UV rays so they can’t burrow into your skin and destroy collagen (the “scaffolding” that holds up skin). They’re also super gentle for the sensitive eye area, which means no stinging. Throw in skin-repairing botanicals such as algae, and a sheer, luminous tint to brighten shadows, and you’re dealing with a game-changing product.

Why you care: The eye area ages faster than the rest of the face, but basically no one puts SPF protection there. People who wear sunscreen every day on their faces, neck and chest (good girls!) rarely put it around their eyes, even though that daily, accumulated exposure can mean sagging and wrinkly eyes long before other parts of your face show damage.Wearing big, UV-protective sunglasses helps a lot, but rotating this SPF eye cream into your morning skincare routine—even if it’s raining outside—will make a world of difference as you age. Promise.

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