The fountain of youth has been a myth we’ve all dreamt of, but what if this sought-after elixir was nothing more than just a simple beer? It might sound far-fetched, but according to the UK’s Daily Mail, there’s a new specialized brew available in Japan that promises better skin. The manufacturer, Suntory, has developed this light beer infused with collagen called “Precious,” promising a significantly better complexion. Since beer is usually associated with dehydration, late nights, and disheveled mornings, it’s hard to imagine it being good for you.

The “clean and refreshing” drink is very deliberately marketed towards women. The commercial (although in Japanese) makes a point to direct this new beauty drink to the ladies, with one line even translating to: “Guys can tell if a girl’s taking collagen or not!” (considering most guys can barely tell if I’m wearing makeup or not, I doubt they’ll be able to tell if I’m drinking collagen, oh well.).




Regardless of their exaggerated commercial, the idea of collagen-infused beer is a great one, as collagen is one of those wonderful skincare components that gives us plump, firm, youthful skin. The food blog Grubstreet reports that this new beauty-boosting booze contains 2 grams of collagen and 5% alcohol. Although currently only available to Hokkaido in Japan, it’s seemingly similar to collagen supplements that are widely popular across the globe.

We slather on collagen-boosting lotions, invest in spa treatments and attempt pricy plastic surgeries, all with the intention of regenerating the collagen in our skin. So, to think that the way to upping your skin’s collagen though a drink you can sip at any party, baseball game, or happy hour, is definitely an interesting one. This beauty in a bottle seems to good to be true, but for those who live in Japan, I say: drink up, ladies!

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