Most women have a specific shade of lipstick they like best on themselves. But did you ever think that the shade you’re swiping on your pout could alter how competent or trustworthy people think you are? According to a new study, other people really do make assumptions about you based on your lipstick shade.

A few years ago, CoverGirl did a study with Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital Research Partners, which revealed how makeup overall can alter how trustworthy, likeable and competent  other people perceive you as. For 2015, they’ve added onto the research by delving into how lipstick color choice specifically can alter the impression you give.

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From the 1,000 survey participants, researchers learned a ton of things about how people judge us — on both our attractiveness and personality — depending on the lip shade we’re sporting.


The good news: You can use lipstick as a tool to totally own the vibes and impressions you give off to the world. Here are some of the interesting things they found people associate with women who wear each lip shade:

Red: Creative and daring, ambitious and driven

Pink: Sociable and fun-loving, attractive and pretty

Plum: Independent, dependable and reliable, ambitious and driven, cultured and refined, attractive and pretty

Nude: Warm and caring, dependable and reliable, sweet and nice, attractive and pretty

Next big meeting at work, go for red or plum to show all that ambition. Heading to the Met for the day? Swipe on plum to show how cultured you really are. Go with pink to meet your boyfriend’s family, or maybe nude if you want to look more warm and caring than fun-loving.

Really, the options are endless. We’ve always known makeup is awesome, but here’s just another way women can use it as a tool to get what they want in life. Seems like a good purpose for any accessory, right?

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