Whether it’s repinning fitness tips or browsing healthy recipes, the hours upon hours we spend on Pinterest are totally productive, right? Since not everyone has the time to procrastinate on Pinterest, we scoured our favorite boards for the best pins of the week, so you wouldn’t have to. Enjoy — and make sure to follow YouBeauty on Pinterest so you never miss a thing!

1.    DIY Striped Vases
For an inexpensive DIY project that adds elegance to any room, create a striped gold vase using only painters tape and metallic gold spraypaint

2.    5 Yoga Fixes for Bad Posture

No more slumping with these pain-relieving yoga poses! Each pose helps to align your spine to prevent a hunched-over posture.

3.    Spaghetti With Spinach in a White Wine Garlic Sauce

Create a tasty pasta dish without heavy cream or too much butter using a mouthwatering white wine and garlic sauce. This low-calorie dinner is healthy and filling, perfect for any day of the week!

4.    7 Gluten-Free Dinners You Can’t Go Without

Trying to stay gluten-free but having a tough time finding yummy recipes? These seven dinners range from chicken tacos to pizza casserole so you’ll easily find a favorite among these diverse dishes.

5.    5 Minute Muffin Top Workout

With summer bodies on our mind, this super quick workout will melt away love handles for a more toned look. Couple with cardio to really amp up your workout!