Haircuts play a vital role in every woman’s life. A mere haircut has the power to completely transform an individual’s entire look from drab to fab. These days, many women are opting for short haircuts and hairstyles.

Long hair in hot and unpredictable weather becomes very unbearable and requires extra maintenance, whereas short haircuts are easy to style and maintain. We collected some of the cutest short hairstyles to use as inspiration at your next salon appointment.

The long pixie bob

This short haircut is an amalgamation of two different types of cuts merged into one. The long pixie bob is perfect for those who are afraid to take the plunge with a short pixie. So, the long bob styled on one side gives the ideal look of a short haircut without losing all the length of your hair.

The angled lob

The angled lob is a trendy type of short haircut among celebs. It requires the least maintenance, and with straight hair, the hair falls into place without any struggle. The reason why they are called angled lob is that they are cut with precision, and the angle is towards the face of the individual, usually framing the face.

The pixie cut

The most famous kind out of all in the short haircut department. It’s most suitable for anyone with the courage to take the risk and rock the cut with extreme confidence! The pixie cut requires little maintenance and styling to look trendy.

The basic bob with bangs

This is the simplest and most basic out of the short haircuts. It is usually opted by those who want to chop off some length yet still look stylish. The bangs with a basic bob add some style and glamor to the simple look.

The blunt bob

The blunt bob looks fantastic on women with wavy hair types! The superiority of this haircut is how it looks like a messy cut, but in fact, it had been done on purpose to give a blunt look.