So, we all think we know how to shower. You turn on the water, step in, and do everything in your power to get as clean as possible and smell fresh. But one thing no one ever talks about is: what’s the right shower routine? I don’t know about you, but I can’t pinpoint a specific time when I was told the “right” way to shower, it just kind of… happened.

You hear different things from different people- some people say you should never wash your face in the shower, some people say you should wash your face after you wash your hair. Regardless, everyone has their own shower routine, but in case you’re looking to switch things up, here’s a showering routine you can try:

Stick to warm water

I know I’m a fan of steaming hot showers, but water so hot it burns your skin isn’t ideal. Warm water guarantees a refreshing shower without the risk of drying out your skin and stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Just lather and rinse

We’ve always been told: lather, rinse, repeat – except, you don’t need the repeat part. Stick to lather and rinse for a shorter shower, and less of your shower products wasted on unnecessary repeating.

Brush your hair first

Brushing your hair BEFORE you get in the shower ensures you won’t get it more tangled when you wash it. It’s also a good idea to keep a wet brush in your shower so you can brush your hair as you wash it.

Don’t keep the conditioner in for long

I don’t know where the idea came from that you need to leave your conditioner in for long in the shower, but it’s not necessary. Keep your conditioner in your hair for the same amount of time as you do with shampoo, your hair absorbs the moisture from conditioner instantly.

A loofa isn’t necessary

Loofas have been a staple in the shower forever, but they’re not the best way to clean your body. A loofa that isn’t clean can accumulate germs over time and can be too abrasive on sensitive skin.

Wash your hair with cold water

Finishing a shower with col water isn’t ideal, but it’ll work wonders for your hair. Starting with warm water will open up your hair cuticles while finishing with cold will close them back up.

Wash your face after the shower

While washing your face in the shower might be tempting for its convenience, washing your face at the sink afterward is ideal. Follow the same with your hair with warm water first and cold water last.

Apply lotion after

Putting on lotion right after you get out of the shower will keep your skin hydrated and smooth all through the winter nights. It’s also best to put lotion on slightly damp skin!