Who knew nail art could get any more creative? The new trend is to move past the nail itself and liven up your polish with a few edgy cuticle tattoos. These temporary tats come in numerous shapes and designs.Similar to the temporary tattoos we all used as a kid, simply cut out the desired design, press on to your skin, and dab with water. Once the tattoo is in place, you’re left with a unique design that’s perfect to add an undeniable cool factor to any basic polish application. It’s seriously that easy.For the most dramatic effect, use a cuticle tattoo with a bold shade for a true pop of color. For nails that already have intricate nail art designs, choose a similar pattern to add to only a few fingers to exaggerate the look.Not only do these tattoos look good on your cuticle, but you can stick them onto your nails as well for an instant (and easy!) version of nail art that you can do yourself-without the mess.Our favorite cuticle tattoos? Beyond Nail Tattoos by Rad Nails are available in various designs with spunky names like “Drippy, Bro” and “Your Point?” You can also find plenty of budget options at Forever 21.Related Articles:5 Pop Culture Nail Decals & The Totally Appropriate Places to Wear Them5 Nail Artists on Instagram We Love