Demeter, the fragrance line behind scents from Gin & Tonic to Lobster, will debut a new scent just in time for the mating rites of early spring, reports. Prepare yourself for Baby’s Head.

This is the second baby-themed scent Demeter has released; we presume it will accompany the 4.5-star rated Baby Powder. Perhaps a whole mommy-themed collection is in Demeter’s future?

A few free suggestions for Demeter, from YouBeauty, with love:

  • Baby’s Bottom
  • Breastmilk
  • Solid Food
  • Does Baby Have a Peanut Allergy?
  • Vaccines
  • Measles
  • Baby Quiche
demeter babys head perfume

As with Demeter’s other fragrances (Brownie, Champagne Brut), this scent just makes us want to visit the fragrance labratory in the hopes that they’re hanging out with a bunch of babies. Or chocolate. Or champagne. According to Demeter’s website, “The ingredients in our fragrances are at least 95% derived from natural and sustainable sources, and we use no artificial color or Phthalates or parabens.” Make of that information what you will.

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