What it is: Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum, $50What it does: Reduces the signs of aging around the eyes, while also relieving the main triggers of sensitivity in that area.Why it works: A handful of anti-aging and soothing ingredients work in tandem to turn back the clock without stinging sensitive skin. One notable ingredient is a stable form of vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), which has been shown in studies to suppress melanin formation, promote collagen synthesis and lighten skin pigmentation. Meaning, it firms up skin and evens skin tone, two glaring signs of aging skin. Carrot oil also packs a punch: Inside the body, this natural ingredient converts into vitamin A and retinol, both powerful anti-aging ingredients that help to regenerate skin cells and reverse signs of aging.The serum’s soothing capabilities lie in chamomile and Dermalogica’s trademarked UltraCalming Complex, a combination of red hogweed root extract, oat, ginger and bisabolol (an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory ingredient).Why you care: The skin around your eyes is very thin and shows age early, but if you have highly sensitive skin, it’s a struggle to find anti-aging eye products that don’t burn like the dickens. This product fills the void.MORE: Solve Your Aging Eye Issues