Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to your makeup during summertime. We love nothing more than a glowing, natural makeup look to keep you looking fresh in the higher temperatures. You may be wondering how you can still achieve a dewy makeup look in the heat, as it can be challenging to make it last. Here are some top tips for achieving a dewy summertime makeup look that is sure to last all day long.

Perfect Your Base
The most crucial step in any makeup routine is prepping your skin and perfecting your base. For a dewy look, you need to opt for hydrating, glowy products and always use a primer before applying your foundation or concealer. Try the Ulta Hydrating primer with coconut water to make skin nice and supple. This will help your makeup to go on much smoother and also help to keep it in place. A glowy primer will also make it easier to achieve a dewy, natural finish.

Choose Liquid Over Cream
When choosing your foundation, choose one with a liquid formula over a cream. Liquid or gel foundations tend to last the best in humid and hot weather conditions, making them perfect for summertime. They also offer a more dewy finish in comparison to powder or cream products. You should apply using your fingers and gently dab in areas you need extra coverage such as under the eyes, your T-zone, and anywhere you may have blemishes.

Always Finish With a Setting Spray
Once you have created your flawless base, always use a setting spray to hold it into place. You can get specific formulas designed to hold your makeup in place while adding a boost of hydration and an extra’ glow.’ Try the Anastasia Dewy setting spray. These are essential for completing a dewy, summertime makeup look that will last.