What girl doesn’t need a little more glitter in her life? In this week’s exclusive nail art tutorial, Caption Polish combines our favorite metallic tones with a dose of glitter glam. 

Even the amateur nail artist can pull off this look: All it takes is some simple polish layering and an eye for funky shades. We’ve got you covered with this metallic shimmer look — all you need are two metallic shades, such as these from Caption Polish in This Old Thing? ($12), a metallic gold polish, and Caption Polish Outta My Mind ($12), a shimmery rose with gold glittery top effect.

Caption Polish
Caption Metallic Shimmer 
  1. Cleanse the nails of any dust or oil and add a single layer of clear base coat.
  2. Add a single layer of a metallic gold polish.
  3. Layer another single, thin coat of of the second polish, the shimmery rose with gold glitter, from the cuticle to halfway down the nail of both hands. Let dry.
  4. Add a clear top coat. (If you’re in a rush, add 1-2 drops of Caption Drying Drops ($12) per nail!)