The recent movement toward embracing natural hair is way overdue. Sure, we all want what we can’t have — but there’s always been an extra societal nudge for those with curly hair to toil over straightening or even chemically tame their natural texture. Now, the experts at creating viral videos that send a feel-good, love-yourself message, Dove, is using its Internet prowess to show girls it’s time to love their curls.For their latest campaign, Dove asked young girls with various levels of curls, to wax poetic on their locks. Some of the girls appear to be Caucasian, but most are girls of color — a demographic we don’t often see in commercials of any time. “Sometimes I wish I could just rip it out,” one says, while another demonstrates how she regularly tugs her strands straight, hoping they’ll stay that way. In total, they found that only 4 out of 10 girls like their curly hair.To show them their natural hair is perfect just the way it is, adult women — moms and other family members — with natural, gorgeously textured hair, come and surround the kids, literally singing their hair’s praises. (Like, there’s an actual song about curls.) Yes, this is an advertising campaign and we know it’s tugging at our heartstrings on purpose. But hey, we love the message it snds for women and young girls everywhere. We’ll take it.

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