High-energy choreography make cheerleaders just as fit (if not more!) as the athletes they cheer on. Squads work extra hard to keep their level of fitness above par, so it’s only fitting that they’d have bodies to make anyone envious.Lauren Boggi, a former Division 1A USC college cheerleader, and founder of the cheerleading based conditioning workout called the Lithe Method, gave us the inside scoop on actual work out moves done by cheerleaders to attain their bodies.1. Wear Layers During Your Warm UpBefore a big workout, Lauren stresses the importance of a good warm up. “Layer up to keep your muscles warm for stretching, specifically focusing on trouble spots,” Lauren advised. Go for a quick jog, while wearing a few extra layers to keep your body warm. Once finished, your muscles will be especially limber, allowing you to get the most out of your stretch session.2. Don’t Skip Your Stretch SessionStretching is one of the easiest, yet most important parts of any workout. As stated by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, stretching decreases the risk of activity-based injuries and improves athletic performance, so naturally this would be an important addition to any workout.Lauren continued “hamstring, back and shoulder stretches are important to give cheerleaders great flexibility for jumps, high explosive basket toss stunts and tumbling. Also, arm muscles are essential to perform sharp motions and to catch yourself during stunts, so triceps stretches are key!” Assisted stretching is also a great way to get the best out of your routine.


 3. Clock in Cardio Work OutsFast paced routines are what keep us mesmerized and pumped up at games. To keep their stamina up, mixing in cardio work outs regularly is essential. “Run stadium steps, or clock in a few miles on the track at your local school or field house,” Lauren said. Running steps, although slightly daunting, is a great cardio workout that not only gets your heart pumping, but also tones calves, butt, and thighs. 4. Work on Strength TrainingStrength training is another crucial aspect of fitness for cheerleaders. “Working in the weight room with resistance bands and weights help to build lean muscle,” she explained.  Since cheerleaders need to perform gymnast-level tumbling moves, and partner stunts, muscular ability is imperative to pull it off. Experiment with free weights and resistance bands to sculpt your core, legs, and arms for the ultimate total body workout.


In the spirit of the Super Bowl this Sunday, try out these workout tips so you can be on your way to being as fit and strong as your favorite cheerleading squad (“Bring it On” anyone?).READ MORE: Cheerleader Beauty Secrets READ MORE: Patriots vs. Seahawks: The Super Bowl of Beauty