Duo-chrome makeup products allow you to add more than one shade to your eye looks. They’re often bold, color-shifting, and metallic hues that bring texture and dimension. Most duo-chrome products are easy to apply and can be worn alone or layered with other products.

Must-Have Duo-Chrome Items
Kaleidos Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner ($16, shop here):

Kaleidos is known for its futuristic take on cosmetics and product lines that are otherworldly. For example, one of their latest launches includes a color-shifting eyeliner pencil that effortlessly glides onto the eyes while leaving a sparkly, duo-chrome finish.

Kaledios describes the Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner as a “film-structured multichrome material that reflects light by its physical structure.” So you can opt for a liner that initially looks green only to reflect an eye-catching yellow hue.

In addition, this liner has a creamy texture, so it glides onto the eyelids without skipping or dragging. It can be used as eyeliner, as a base, or to add a pop to your eyes. Also, the twist-up packaging makes it seamless to apply and store.

There are six vegan and cruelty-free shades to shop from.

Danessa Myricks Lightwork IV Transcendence Palette ($125, shop here):

Danessa Myricks Beauty is no stranger to innovative, exuberant, and barrier-breaking makeup. The Lightwork IV Transcendence Palette includes 14 color-shifting and chromatic shades, all with unique finishes.

This palette is ideal for those who love experimenting with color or working on editorial projects. It contains eight velvet chromes, two pressed chrome flakes, two aqua chromes, and two glass metallic pigments for extra-dimensional creativity.

In addition, the aqua chromes are water activated and allow you to play with texture and color-shifting formulas. Glass metallics offer a hi-shine finish, chrome flakes add a 3D element to your look, and velvet chromes offer rich color payoff.

You can mix, match, and layer these pigments for a customized look.

Glisten Cosmetics Duochrome Wet Liner Bundle ($47, shop here):

Water-activated liners will offer versatility in any makeup kit. For example, you can achieve intricate graphic eyeliner looks, apply them as eyeshadow, or use them as a base. However, do you want water-activated eyeliners that will amp up the drama?

The Glisten Cosmetics Duochrome Wet Liner Bundle features four duochrome eyeliners to bring metallic and color-fasting hues to your makeup. In addition, you’ll receive the colors Jewel, Mermaid, Sweetie & Waves, and Chameleon.

Glisten Cosmetics recommends using a small liner brush and adding water to the cap of the products. Then, you can dip and pick up the liner with ease. Water-activated eyeliners are similar to watercolors, except they dry down and are budge-proof.

Violet Voss Eye Glitter Topper ($15, shop here):

Are you looking for a subtle way to enhance your eye makeup? Violet Voss allows you to add color-shifting makeup without incorporating bold colors. Instead, you can opt for peach-to-pink reflects or rose gold to silver with these eye toppers.

The Eye Glitter Toppers can be worn alone or as the final touch for any eyeshadow look. These have a gel-based formula, so it dries down fast to avoid glitter fallout. Violet Voss recommends applying these toppers with the applicator or fingers.

Also, Violet Voss has eliminated harsh sensitizing components from its products, like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. As a result, the Eye Glitter Toppers are ideal for warm makeup looks or to achieve a holiday glow.