Mascara is a beginner-friendly and enhancing product that everyone can use in their makeup bag. However, many people can find mascara boring to apply. One way to liven up your lashes is by investing in a colorful and saturated mascara formula.

Best Vibrant Mascaras
Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star Mascara ($32, shop here):

Pat McGrath Labs combines high-end makeup with futuristic vibes to create cosmetics for another galaxy. The Dark Start Mascara is described as “graphic glamor meets synthwave seduction” with this show-stopping formula.

It’s available in Ultraviolet Blue, Aquamarine Dream, and Pink Mystique. These vivid shades will look pigmented on natural eyelash hues. In addition, it will instantly offer a sculpted, dramatic, and voluminous effect thanks to the contoured brush design.

The Dark Star Mascara will lift and length at once and saturate fibers with bold pigment. It’s gentle on the lashes and easily removable with an oil-based cleanser. You can wear this mascara alone or pair it with a bold and empowered eye look.

Eyeko Colored Lash Alert Mascara ($19, shop here):

Are you looking for a more subtle approach to incorporating color into your makeup routine? Colorful mascara is easy to apply and won’t oversaturate the eyes. In addition, you can shop Eyeko’s selection of exuberant shades like brown, blue, green, and purple.

The Eyeko Colored Lash Alert Mascara will build up your lashes while adding a subtle tint. Eyeko has formulated this product with revitalizing components like biotin and caffeine to promote voluminous and curl-holding eyelashes.

You can achieve an awakened effect with a wearable pop of color. In addition, it’s easy to use, so you can apply it just as you would regular mascara. These shades will appear on darker lashes without looking too over the top.

Item Beauty By Addison Rae Boost Juice Dual-Ended Lash Primer & Colored Mascara ($18, shop here):

Addison Rae understands trends that go viral and in touch with younger generations which is why Item Beauty is flirtatious and playful. One product to try from this influencer brand is the Boost Juice Dual-Ended Lash Primer & Colorful Mascara.

This versatile product is a 2-in-1. For a natural effect, you can wear the primer alone for that cobalt blue hue or layer on the mascara. Another benefit of this mascara is that it pairs well with other mascaras so that you can customize your finish.

The Boost Juice Dual-Ended Lash Primer & Colored Mascara is the ideal introduction to colorful makeup because tinted mascara adds extra pop and can also be worn naturally. In addition, its packaging will tickle your creative side and expand your makeup comfort zone.

Colourpop Bff Mascara ($9 shop here):

Are you looking for an affordable approach to colorful mascara? Colourpop Cosmetics is another jovial brand that allows you to experiment with new shades, products, and textures. You can transform your lashes with the Bff Mascara.

This mascara is available in black, red, lilac, and blue to add a twist to your makeup routine. The mascara itself will quickly lift and length the lashes in one swoop. In addition, it won’t flake and still provide an even vivid color saturation.

The Bff Mascara has a twisted nylon brush to help coat every crevice of your lash line. It’s also budget and beginner-friendly, making it a viable way to try new makeup trends without emptying your bank account.