Glitter can instantly transform any makeup look and is suitable for day or nighttime wear. Also, more brands are formulating mess-free glitters that are foolproof to apply.

You can shop endless formulations just in time for the holiday season.

Must-Have Glittery Items
Half Magic Beauty GlitterPill Eye Paint + Liner ($20, shop here):


Half Magic Beauty allows you to tap into your whimsical side this holiday season. In addition, their GlitterPill Eye Paint + Liner proves glitter doesn’t have to be messy. Instead, you can expect an effortless application with vibrant hues.


The GlitterPill is transfer, fall-out, smudge, and smudge-proof. This product has a gel formulation that will effortlessly lay smoothly on the eyes. In addition, it has a buildable color payoff so you can achieve your desired leave of intensity.


Half Magic suggests wearing the GlitterPill as an eyeshadow or eyeliner. It can even be layered seamlessly over other makeup products. In addition, you can promote longevity by applying an eye primer underneath


AboutFace Fractal Glitter Lip Color ($14, shop here):


Who says glitter is strictly for the eyes? You can also rock a textured and bold lip color like this one from AboutFace. The Fractal Glitter Lip Color is a shimmering, opaque, and exuberant liquid lipstick. It’s ideal for holiday festivities and nights out.


This glitter-based lip product has micro-fine specks of glitter so that it can rest comfortably on the lips. As a result, it won’t feel sticky, gritty, or chunky. In addition, this formula is transfer-proof and has travel-friendly packaging so that it can go anywhere with you.


AboutFace recommends applying this product with an applicator for precise results. They claim you have plenty of time to play around or blend the pigment before it dries down completely. In addition, it’s a buildable, vegan, and cruelty-free product.


Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Holiday Kit in Bottle Service ($35, shop here):


Danessa Myricks combines artistry and creativity into her products so you can always make a statement. One way to stay glowing is with the Beauty Infinite Chrome Holiday Kit in Bottle Service, which features two glittery standout items.


You’ll receive Chroma Flakes and Twin Flames within this set. The full size Twin Flames is a liquid shadow in the shade Sparkler. This will offer a pigmented and virant duo-chrome finish to the eyelids.


The other products are mini Chroma Flakes in the shade Show Stopper. This will add texture, light reflects, and sparkle to all eye looks. These shades will suit all skin tones and can be layered together.


Nabla Cosmetics Miami Lights Glitter Palette ($25, shop here):


Do you love experimenting with glitter or find it challenging to stick to one shade? Nabla has a solution so you can get your glitter-fix year-round. One product to keep in your kit is the Miami Lights Glitter Palette which has four stunning hues.


Nabla describes this palette as a hybrid formula that has a mix of chunky and fine glitters. However, it offers a mess-free application because it doesn’t require primer, glue, or adhesive. You can effortlessly swipe on texture and reflect light in seconds.


There are four warm-toned glitters to choose from to spice up any look. The Miami Lights Glitter Palette is vegan, cruelty-free, and eye safe. You can wear it alone or as an eyeshadow topper.