This week, it finally began to feel like summer here in New York City.  Sandals, bathing suits and A/C units are coming out of storage — but one thing you’ll want to buy fresh this year is a new bottle of sunscreen. Technically sunscreen is good for one to two years (check the expiration date printed on the bottle) and a sure sign it has gone off is when the product separates or smells weird. But if you’re applying the white stuff as much as you’re supposed to — every 90 minutes that you’re outside — bottles shouldn’t be holding over year to year.

Not sure which sunscreen to buy this year? Lucky for you, I’ve been testing sunscreens for a forthcoming YouBeauty article on the best ones for summer 2015 and I’ve found new one that’s nearly perfect. That recommendation comes after the jump, as well as here a few other hair, skin and beauty products I’ve been enjoying this week: