Sporting a few stray strands on your chin or a mini ‘stache on your upper lip is one very un-fun side effect of the sudden drop in hormone levels brought on by menopause.“Just like higher testosterone levels can cause menopausal acne, they can also cause more pronounced facial hair,” explains New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D.Treatment: Waxing and threading are options, of course, but if it’s just a couple of stray hairs, plucking them with tweezers in the privacy of your bathroom is a fine option. If plucking is too much of a pain, ask your dermatologist for prescription Vanica cream. It slows down hair regrowth by inhibiting the necessary enzyme.If your upper lip is starting to resemble Tom Selleck’s in his Magnum P.I. days (we kid!), you can permanently remove coarse, dark hair with laser treatments.MORE: Want to Try Laser Hair Removal?