When a celebrity does something completely mundane, like running errands in sweats and wearing no makeup, we all gawk. Does this mean the rich and famous actually are like the rest of us average humans of the world?! Could we be more similar to our favorite stars than we think?

Which is why it was comforting to meet Emma Roberts and learn that she is, indeed, just another 23-year-old girl who hates washing her hair and is too lazy to take off her makeup at night. If you just ignore the fact that she’s also a Neutrogena brand ambassador, star of FX’s “American Horror Story,” and niece of the Julia Roberts, she kind of seems just like your totally down-to-earth best friend.

Here are some things we learned about our girl Emma:

She loves face wipes.

“Any time I ever break out is when I’ve gone to bed with makeup on. And I always regret it; I’m always mad at myself. So I keep the Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes everywhere, in my purse, in my carry-on, on set, in my bathroom — I just have so many packs of them because otherwise I won’t take it off.”

She hates washing her hair.

“I don’t like washing my hair. You have to wash my hair for me. I will dry shampoo my hair for three days. There are times when my boyfriend [“AHS” co-star Evan Peters]’s been like ‘Em, you gotta wash your hair.'”

She never forgets her SPF.

“I am really all about kind of keeping it simple, as far as skincare and makeup. My one must is I always have to have SPF. I feel like a lot of people when winter comes along stop using sunscreen, and that to me is the biggest faux pas. You have to keep using sunscreen.” (So young, yet so wise—sunscreen is the best anti-ager out there.)

She doesn’t wear makeup on her days off.

“When I’m not working I literally don’t even wear makeup. I think it’s important to kind of let your skin breathe. Also, to look like yourself sometimes and not have makeup on, because I feel like so many young girls wear makeup every single day and I think it’s important to just be comfortable with how you look without it. And also, because I have to wear it for work, so I don’t when I don’t have to.”

When she does wear it, she keeps it pretty simple.

“I’m all about curling your lashes, doing mascara. I actually don’t even do a full face [of foundation]; I use this [Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup] as concealer under my eyes and just on problem spots, because I don’t really love the look of a full face of foundation. So I do that, mascara, a little bit of bronzer and one of the Moisture Smooth Color Sticks because they’re so sheer, and then I’m good to go.”

She uses the old “spoons in the fridge” trick.

When asked how she combats looking tired after long days on set: “Cold spoons in the fridge and then in the morning, under the eyes, on top of the eyes, everywhere.”

She finds DIY beauty recipes online.

“My mom has never worn makeup a day in her life. She would always just tell me exfoliating is really important, your face and body too. I love making some sort of brown sugar scrub, I always find recipes online for that. I’ll do a brown sugar scrub and then shave, and it’s so luxuriously soft.”

She’s a sucker for a mani/pedi.

“I love getting a manicure/pedicure and I love going with my mom or my friends or my sister. There’s nothing better than getting a manicure and reading a magazine.” We couldn’t agree with you more, Em!