Aging, certain medical conditions, exposures to UV rays and harsh weather can all be causes of unsightly spider veins and brown spots on the skin. Although dermatological methods such as sclerotherapy for the legs work to reduce the look of weakened blood vessels on the skin, innovations in laser technologies have provided dermatologists a tool that can literally change the face, body and legs of patients in dramatic ways.Excel V is a new, FDA-approved laser skin treatment that has provided dermatologists the opportunity to offer excellent skin treatments to their patients.Reducing Blood VesselsSun-damaged and enlarged blood vessels that can appear on the surface of the face and along the thigh are known as telangiectasias, or spider veins. These small, scraggly red, blue or purple vessels can be the results of aging, blood flow abnormalities, weight gain, bruising (contusions) or related to jobs that require long periods of sustained sitting or standing (which leads to poor blood flow), or pregnancy.Cosmetic dermatologists understand that spider veins can keep patients from feeling good about their appearance and we are excited to offer patients a new way to target them.Excel V is a specialized laser that works by targeting and eliminating the vessels, which are then broken down and absorbed into the body. Broken blood vessel treatments take at least three to four sessions. This laser can be used on most skin types and patients are delighted with the results.QUIZ: Cellulite? Visible Veins? Get Personalized Solutions HereTargeting Brown SpotsBrown spots, also known as age spots, are the results of UV exposure on skin that has begun to lose its ability to regenerate. The melanocytes in the skin that protect the skin from UV damage by producing melanin begin to group together, causing brown spots. These spots can begin to appear as early as the late teen years. Brown spots typically appear in areas of the body where exposure to UV rays is common, such as the hands, the face, arms, shoulders, chest and legs. Brown spots are stubborn—treatment takes at least four sessions.Cosmetic dermatologists are more than able to remove these brown age spots using Excel V laser treatment. The laser emits a pinpoint beam of light that triggers the elimination of melanin, which then destroys the brown spots. Immediately after treatment, the area will be gray/purplish, but the area will soon regain the correct pigment and match the surrounding skin.You must use SPF 30 and properly care for the skin to reduce complications. The gray/purple color can remain for up to a week, so plan for down time.MORE: One Writer’s Detailed Experience with Fraxel Laser