If you have a face that is longer than it is wide combined with prominent cheekbones that swoop down in the shape of a heart, you and Celine Dion share the same face shape: long heart.

Your best strategy is to soften with accessories, and shorten the perceived length of your face in order for your features to brilliantly stand out.

QUIZ: What’s Your Face Shape?

JCrewJCrew Bubble Necklace
Accessories for Long Heart Face Shapes

Earrings: Chunky texture is what you should be going for, and no earring is too big! Bold pieces will add width to your face with flair. Stay away from long, skinny shapes that will drag your face down. Wear This: JCrew Bubble Necklace

Necklaces: Go for necklaces that add texture to the space around and right underneath the neck. Bold statement necklaces, funky texturized pieces and layers of different necklaces all do the trick. Keep clear of long, hanging necklaces that will further lengthen your face and drag your cheekbones down. Wear This: Zariin The Bright Circles Layered Gold Coins Necklace

Necklines: The long swoop of your natural heart-shaped features will take center stage with skin-baring styles like an off-the-shoulder, feminine sweetheart, or even a cowl neck. Wear This: Old Navy Cowl Neck Dress 


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