Geena Davis and Queen Latifah are living embodiments of the rounded square face, which features the broad forehead and striking jawline of a square shape, with the softening of rounded edges.

QUIZ: What’s Your Face Shape?

While you still want to broaden the top half of the face with rounded shapes like square faces do, there’s more room to experiment with softer angles.

Try oversized glasses like aviators, but with a sleeker, more rounded shape in order to balance your features out. Other hybrid shapes like horizontally oval frames will also compliment your shape beautifully.

Stay away from extremes in either direction, like steeply circular frames or a boxy square shape.

Here are the best frames for rounded square-shaped faces:

* Retro-style sunglasses, such as Balenciaga textured arms 58MM round sunglasses (pictured above), $450.

* Rounded aviator sunglasses, like Gucci Aviator Sunglasses.

* Oval sunglasses, like Tom Ford Eyewear miranda oversized round sunglasses.


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