If your cherub-like sweet cheeks form the shape of a heart, you’re a round heart face shape, just like Eva Longoria.

Since your features are all of the curvaceous kind, accessories can be an especially fun way to inject some angular structure to your look. Hunt for pieces that are the opposite of your face shape in order to elongate and lengthen.

Quiz: What’s your face shape?

CaroleeCarolee Lux Pave Pear-Shaped Chandelier Earrings
Accessories for Rounded Heart Face Shapes

Earrings: Chandelier earrings are your best friend, with their long, sweeping design. Try experimenting with shapes that offer crisp angles, like square earrings. Avoid large hoops and other chunky designs that add width to the face. Wear This: Carolee Lux Pave Pear-Shaped Chandelier Earrings.

Necklaces: Long and bold is ideal, with chains lengthening your body and balancing out the fuller width of your face. An edgier take is to try a structured necklace with angular lines or geometric shapes; they’ll fill in the space below your face and balance your proportions with style. Wear This: Kenneth Cole New York “Urban Metallic” Geometric Necklace.

Necklines: Structure is what you’re after in a neckline, since your face is comprised of all rounded curves. Boatnecks, square necks and sweethearts all work, as do tops with slight to moderate V-necks. Crew necks and other round-shaped cuts are not your friends, as they’ll over-emphasize a round heart face. Wear This: Victoria’s Secret Squareneck Bra Top.