Hilary Swank and Gwyneth Paltrow both share it in common: the broad forehead, strong jawline, wide cheekbones and lengthy shape of the long square face.

Look to the opposite end of the shape spectrum to balance out all of your sexy angularness. That translates as accessories featuring rounded shapes to add curves and counteract the length of your face.

QUIZ: What’s Your Face Shape?

Earrings: Hoops look amazing on long square face shapes, as do circular drop earrings and huggies, which are a kind of stud that curves and hugs the earlobe. Textures like feathers and cloth can also add a funky vibe that doubles to balance out your steep facial feature angles. Wear this: Banana Republic hoop earrings.

NavenNaven Greek Goddess Top
Accessories for Long Square Face Shapes

Necklaces: Simple elegance is the savviest style for long square shapes, and pieces that sit about mid-way on the breast bone will balance the length and width of the face beautifully. Look for a medium thickness to balance the strong proportions of your square face. Wear this: A Long, rounded, medium-thick necklace to balance a square face.

Necklines: Break up the width of the face with soft, textured materials like ruffles or a sumptuous cowl neck, and try an asymmetrical neckline to complement the strong angles of your jawline. Wear this: The Naven Greek Goddess Top has an asymmetrical neckline.