It may seem a contrast of possibilities, but Geena Davis and Queen Latifah both have it: a rounded square face shape that features a raised forehead, prominent chin and jawline, but with the soft rounded edges of a circular outline.

Opposites attract when it comes to balancing a shape, but when you’ve got two opposites already, that means staying away from extremes on either end, and instead finding middle ground with shapes that are a fusion of both angular and rounded.

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Earrings: Shapes likes teardrops, hexagons and other fluid yet structured designs work best for your face shape. Stay away from super chunky shapes that add too much width and skinny, long slivers that look disconnected from the jawline. Wear this: Tasha Crystal Teardrop Earrings.

NordstromArgento Vivo Blossom Medium Disc Pendant Necklace
Accessories for Rounded Square Face Shapes

Necklaces: Add length to your look by opting for long necklaces that drape over the chest, or feature pendants that hit at the breast bone or lower. Thick collars and chokers should be avoided, lest they overwhelm the proportions of your face. Wear this: Argento Vivo Blossom Medium Disc Pendant Necklace.

Necklines: Strike the perfect balance with sweetheart or square necklines that show just the right proportion of skin, accompanied by an angle that balances the chiseled jawline of the face. Plunging boatnecks, ruffles and asymmetrical cuts are all other sexy choices. Wear this: Abi Ferrin Nikki 5-Way Dress.