You and angels share at least one thing in common; the cherub-like glow of full cheeks and a round chin, that remain more youthful-looking longer than any other face shape. Score!

“Since round faces are naturally soft and feminine looking, I often want to romanticize their look by playing up every feature with softer tones,” says New York makeup artist Nicole Bryl.


Eyebrows are the only feature that gives structure to a round heart shape, so take care never to skip over them. Groom brows into a subtle arch, making sure the height of the arc lands closer to the outer end of the pupil, so that the look is sexy, not surprised. Use a brow powder one shade lighter than your natural hair color instead of a pencil for a softer finish.


There’s a reason why Betty Boop has such an exaggerated heart-shaped face; it’s the perfect palette for which to show off those vibrant red lips. The arches of your cheekbones provide the ideal frame for a bold lip; opt for blue-based red on fairer and medium-toned complexions, and try a red with a hint of coral if your skin color is deeper. If color is too much of a commitment for you, rock a sheer strawberry stain that looks like you’ve been in fields of fruit—not a lipstick tube.


Nothing brings out a heart shape quite like a dab of cream blush directly on the apples of cheeks, and blended outward. Fair tones should go for peachy pink, while mediums can opt for classic pink. Deeper tones should try a plum-pink.

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