There is something incredible about bringing a new life into the world that you and your partner created together. Babies are a blessing, but the reality is things won’t always be peaches and roses.

Parenting is tough, tiring, and can really challenge a relationship. Babies need constant attention. The nights are long and the mornings are early. Not to mention, the little bundle of joy can become costly. Things that didn’t used to be an issue such as sleep, sex, attention, and money turn into the center of arguments quick.

So, how do keep that romance going with “Mini You” in the picture? Check out the tips below on how to keep a healthy relationship after baby arrives.

Make time for date night

You will have to start scheduling time to go out on dates. You are encouraged to do this soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more set in your routine you may become. Before you know it, you’ll be saying, “It’s been years since we’ve been out on a date.”

Show affection just because…

Remember the times when you used to sit on his lap and kiss his neck? How about the sweet text messages you used to send him? Don’t stop that. That will help to keep the romance alive.

Laugh it off

The demands of having a new baby can cause strong tension. Parenting is an imperfect process. Instead of taking it out frustration on each other, laugh things off.

Flirting with each other

Just like you would if you were in college, flirt with him. Tell him how you can’t wait to do “XYZ” (insert something kinky) with him.

Flirt on Facebook

Flirting on social media with your partner adds a level of intensity too.

Shower together

When the baby is asleep, use this time to shower together. Just don’t slip!

After kids have arrived on the scene, it can be tough transitioning from being a couple to being a family. It doesn’t mean that the romance has to exit. If you want to keep your marriage strong, go the extra step to ensure that your relationship stays intense.


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