12 Father’s Day Gifts You’ll Want to Borrow Yourself

Let’s be honest: Shopping for the men in your life is hard. It’s not like you can just pick out something that you’d be thrilled to receive yourself and know that they’ll love it, too (aka, how you shop for your girlfriends). But this year for Father’s Day, we’re challenging that mindset. Why shouldn’t you and the important father you know—whether it’s your dear old dad, husband or brother—enjoy the same beauty goodies?

To make your gift giving a little more enjoyable, we’ve rounded up some great finds for men that will make the old saying, “What’s mine is yours,” your new favorite slogan.

This nighttime treatment was formulated specifically for men’s skin and coarse, curly, facial hair that has a tendency toward becoming ingrown. By applying the treatment at night, the next morning’s shave goes much smoother, and with regular use over time, the amount of ingrown hairs will diminish. Avene’s thermal spring water and alpha-bisabolol work together to help soften skin and reduce irritation. Glycolic acid and urea help soften and free ingrown hairs, while copper and zinc prevent infection. Not only will this product make his grooming routine go much smoother (literally), but you can also apply it to whichever areas you might have ingrown hair problems.

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The hair care products in Aveda’s men’s line contain a special phyto-active blend—which includes seaweed, licorice extract and sage extract, among other calming and moisturizing ingredients—to help soothe and relieve scalp irritation and dryness. Got a dry or itchy scalp? Sneak some of this in the shower to reap the soothing benefits. The rich and spicy scent might linger in your locks all day, but there are worse things than smelling like your guy every now and then.

This antioxidant-rich cleanser effectively removes dirt and pollution from the skin without leaving it dry, for a deep down clean. It includes aloe vera extract to restore the skin’s natural pH balance, while also soothing and hydrating. Vitamin E and green and black tea extracts also soothe and nourish skin, plus prevent free radical damage and reduce signs of aging. Formulated with all pure, natural and active ingredients, Efficiency is void of any harmful or pore-clogging chemicals. The best part is, it’s great for all skin types—dry, oily, his and hers.

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The convenience of this box set (it includes all the facial cleansing and shaving essentials, plus a bath bar) will make it easy for the low-maintenance man to take care of his skin. The Eye Oasis Instant Hydrating stick helps de-puff undereyes, making it a product you’ll want to takeover for your own use. With a cooling sensation and stimulating caffeine, puffy, dark circles will be tamed and minimized with every swipe.

Formulated specifically to work in harmony with the metabolism of a man’s skin, this range of products was developed to energize, revitalize and protect. Just like its women’s skincare, Ahava for Men includes the company’s active dead sea mineral formula, plus antioxidants ginko, ginger root and ginseng, for softer, healthier skin. This kit, filled with TSA-approved sized products, is perfect for the frequent traveler. The alcohol-free, foamless shaving cream is super hydrating and provides a close shave for his face, which means it’ll work wonders on your legs or underarms. Or, try the after-shave moisturizer on your bikini line to calm irritation and prevent ingrown hairs.

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All men (and women) could always use a closer shave. This fragrance-free, foamless shave lotion contains oils that compliment those naturally found in the skin, making it extremely hydrating. It’s also free of alcohol, menthol and benzocaine, which can all potentially irritate the skin during shaving. Orange, grapefruit, lime and bergamot oils create a fresh, natural fragrance.

Help soothe sore muscles pre- and post-workout with this very useful gift for the active gym-goer. It’s infused with vanillyl butyl (a warming agent) to heat up and relax the sore spots and macademia nut oil, to smooth and condition the skin. Its spicy scent gives it a slightly manly smell, which actually makes it more enjoyable than the medicinal smells of other muscle-soothing topical treatment out there. A little achy from that yoga or kickboxing class you took last night? Rub some of this balm onto your sore spots for serious relief.

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A truly androgynous choice, any man or woman can enjoy the function and citrusy-vanilla scent of this hair texturizing cream. It’s the perfect tool to groom and style short or long hair, for either a messy, bed-head look or a smooth, sleek style.

Known for their line of unisex scents, Odin New York’s newest fragrance combines wild coffee flower, pepper leaf and saffron with dried coconut and ginger lily to create a bittersweet smoothness and fresh aroma all wrapped into one. The blend of masculine and feminine not only makes this a great fragrance for a guy, but it’s also something you’ll want to spritz on yourself, too.

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Sometimes the overly spicy smell of cologne is just way too overwhelming. Luckily, this one by Prada won’t make your guy smell like a 15-year-old discovering body spray for the first time. Its light, amber scent with a crisp citrus hint makes this cologne much subtler and more enjoyable. And although you might not necessarily decide to take it over as your own signature scent, you’ll be happy to have this mix of leathery and citrusy aromas lingering on you for the day.

Formulated for men’s thicker, coarser skin, this anti-wrinkle cream exfoliates (which brightens dull skin) before lifting and firming with linseed extract. Men’s skin is also subject to more damage from UV exposure, pollutants and frequent shaving, so the formula contains caffeine and vitamin C to help decrease puffiness and increase cell renewal—all actions that women’s skin benefits from, too. Got oily skin? The glycerin in Heavy Lifting will keep skin moisturized without leaving behind a greasy feeling.

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This deep-cleanser is designed to remove excess oil and prevent skin from becoming greasy and shiny. If you or your man has overly oily skin or larger pores, this cleanser will help curb sebum production and give you a matte complexion. Aloe not only soothes irritated skin, but it also helps reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier and retains water.

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