Whether it’s repinning fitness tips or browsing healthy recipes, the hours upon hours we spend on Pinterest are totally productive, right? Since not everyone has the time to procrastinate on Pinterest, we scoured our favorite boards for the best pins of the week, so you wouldn’t have to. Enjoy — and make sure to follow YouBeauty on Pinterest so you never miss a thing!

1.    Healthy Avocado Dip

This creamy avocado yogurt dip is jam-packed with protein and healthy fats for a filling and energy-boosting snack.  Serve with cut up veggies or pita chips for a perfect party plate.

        2.    27 Lazy Girl Nail Art Ideas

Love nail art but hate the time and effort that goes into the whole process? This nail art pin is crammed with quick nail hacks for eye-catching talons.

        3.    6 Easy Homemade Hair Masks

For smooth, glossy strands, your pantry is now your favorite beauty store! At-home hair masks are the perfect treatment that will give you healthy hair without breaking the bank.

       4.    4 Exercises to Lift Your Boobs

Give your boobs a boost with these quick exercises that will train your chest and build muscle for a more lifted look.

       5.    The Yoga Pose That Boosts Energy and Cures Headaches

Treat nagging headaches and boost circulation with this simple yoga post. An added bonus? This pose also stretches out your upper back and neck, which rarely get the chance to get stretched.