The biggest makeup trend of the coming year could be a return to the more natural face. Makeup artists say color will be big in 2018, and they sent models down the runway Fashion Week sporting yellow, orange and ocean blue eyeshadow. But the appeal of citrus-color lid may be limited. Those same makeup artists are leading the charge in banishing trends that mask natural beauty. Here are outdated looks that the pros say you should avoid at the risk of looking dated, old school and out of fashion after the New Year rings in. Don’t even think about putting on last year’s face during 2018.

OUT: Harsh Contouring

This is one trend that flooded our Instagram feeds, and it’s got to stop. No woman should have in her makeup kit a palette with three contour colors and three different highlights. Instagram isn’t real life, and the overly contoured stripped look is over. If you cannot go cold turkey, save the strident contouring for special occasions. The technique works best for evening or events when you will be photographed, Ditch the contour brush unless you’re planning to walk down a red carpet.

OUT: Overdrawn Lips

Wave goodbye to overblown lips in 2018. Your natural lips are enough. If you feel the need to enhance and enlarge, overdraw your lips subtly with a little bit of highlight on the cupids bow and a shimmery light gloss.

OUT: Highlighter Astronauts Can See from Outer Space

Take it down a few notches if your highlighter makes you look like the Tin Man, or leave off the illuminator altogether. Highlighter that gives you a metallic look is too is a good thing, Shine should give you a subtly natural, fresh and touchable face. Step away from the highlighter in 2018.

OUT: The Dense Eyebrow

Here’s another example of too much of a good thing is just simply too much. Are you drawing in your natural brow with Magic Marker, or does the finished brows just look that way? The full natural brow is lovely, but the filled-in, blocked off, squared-off version is not so much. The finished brow should display actual brow hairs and give an impression of airiness. Too big is too big.

OUT: The Full “Beat Face”

Makeup is a fun tool, and 2017 saw that tool used to the limit. The theme of this year could easily be “more fake, the better”. The new year is expected to reveal that fake, fake, fake has run its course. Look for makeup artists to embrace makeup to enhance natural beauty without completely masking it. Skin is in. Artificial and mask-like is out for 2018. Look for more natural faces in the new year.

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