“Will you marry me?” Those 4 magical words are asked every day. And while the question is a life changing one indeed, it’s just as important to nail down “how” to ask.

Here are some proposal ideas that will sweep your partner off their feet:

The Scavenger Hunt Proposal: This is a thoughtful and exciting way to pop the question. Simply pick a day when the two of you have nothing else to do. Then send your soon-to-be-fiancé to find clues from different places that are important to your relationship.

Need an idea for a place? How about the bar where the two of you met, or the park you ate at for Valentine’s Day? Then once all the clues have been found, you finally ask the question.

Surprise Party Proposal: Is your soon-to-be fiancé close to friends and family? Why not plan a surprise proposal party? Pick a restaurant, or a beautiful back yard to pop the question. Lead them to believe it’s a family gathering and when the time is right, pop the question.

Casual Proposal: Maybe being around a crowd isn’t your thing. You can always opt for something much more intimate. Maybe you can spell out the words, “Will you marry me?” with flowers. It’s all about taking something normal and turning it into something that will be special forever.

The Game Night Proposal: This is another fun and casual way to pop the question. Why not get together over a game and towards the end of the night, spell it out – “Will You Marry Me?”

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