Who doesn’t want a core like J-Lo? At age 48, the super star mom of two has a body that rivals most 20 year olds. She’s not super human though. You can achieve a banging body too. All you have to do is follow her go-to ab routine. One exercise that she does to keep fit is the side-plank oblique crunches (other names you may know it by: side-plank twists, forearms side-plan twists).

NOTE: She does more than just planks to keep her core right. Her nutritious diet also plays a great role in creating the definition that she’s known for.

Now, back to her side planks…

The exercise that she does focuses primarily on your oblique muscles and engages the entire core. The good news is, this workout will give you more than just a flat core. It will also exercise the entire body because you’re using your leg muscles, glutes, and upper back.

Holding that same position for a long time is phenomenal for the muscles, but adding in the core rotation brings that extra punch. That’s what J-Lo has mastered. The core rotation allows you to hold up your side plank as you crunch them towards the floor.

Remember to take baby steps with this. If you aren’t used to doing side planks, take your time before doing the twists. You need to build up to that. There’s no rush to look like J-Lo.

Instead, aim to look like the perfect version of you.

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