If you have long hair, the summer can get to be really annoying. Wear your hair down, and you’ll be sweating in seconds. Put it up in a ponytail, and it’s frizz central. I’m sure we’ve all been tempted to cut our hair come summertime. Styling long hair in the summer can be frustrating, but when done right, it can look cute AND help cool you off. If you have long hair and are struggling with how to style it this summer, here are some ideas:

Use hair accessories
Hair accessories are all the rave right now. You can make a boring ponytail look extra cute by wrapping a scarf around it or pin your hair out of your face with barrettes.

High bun
You can’t go wrong with a high bun, right? If it’s especially hot out one day, beat the heat by getting your hair completely out of your face with a high bun.

Braiding your hair is the perfect way to keep it contained and out of your face on a hot day, but look cute while doing so. Go for a regular single braid or play around with different types of braids and pigtails!

Half up half down
This is the perfect hairstyle if you want to look a little dressed up. Get the front piece of your hair our of your face by putting them in a high bun or ponytail and let the rest of your hair flow. You can even dress this look up with barrettes or hair tie scarves to bring it to the next level!