Tory Burch became my BFF perfumer a couple of years ago when she brought forth My First Fragrance, and she’s held that honor ever since.

This despite the fact that my closet does not hold a single TB tunic or pair of gold-medallioned flats.

In the eyes of many a perfume snob, that speaks more voluminously about me than her. We’ll get to that. But first let’s talk about the fragrance.

It’s a fresh floral with a heart of modern, cleaned up tuberose, peony and jasmine.  It opens with a burst of crisp grapefruit and neroli citrus and delivers a touch of tempering green. It is admittedly a little sweet.

Critics have reviewed TB’s My First Fragrance as completely modern and completely mainstream and a perfect fit with Burch’s preppy-chic following. While TB said she wanted to combine tomboy with feminine in her debut fragrance, reviewers found that feminine mostly won out.

They said My First Fragrance would be a perfect fit for the Ralph Lauren fragrance line. He is her former boss, you know. They deemed it likeable enough. They said its vetiver notes are only mildly earthy.

They seemed to think her followers would not be led down that sweet, blossom-strewn garden path.

Au contraire, ma ch’ere.

“Bloomingdale’s sold an estimated $45,000 to $50,000 of the new Tory Burch fragrance at its first day on counter,” reported Women’s Wear Daily.

Apparently my taste in perfume is legion.

Bloomingdale’s says TB’s My First Fragrance captures classic elements in unexpected ways. They call it a bright and complex mix of ease and polish.

I love My First Fragrance because it goes on heavenly and lingers without overpowering. It will drive neither your cubicle mates nor first dates mad with longing to get away from you. It will make you feel feminine in the womanly, rather than girlish, sense.

Wearing My First Fragrance may get you kicked out of the current-version Miley Cyrus Club. It won’t get you barred from the Fauquier County Hunt Club. I make no apologies. You don’t want to be in Miley’s fan club right now anyway.

If you know someone who loves ease and polish, give them My First Fragrance. TB has introduced a newer fragrance, Absolu, but I’m stuck on her first. You can find them all at Macy’s and Sephora and a bunch of other places in addition to Bloomingdale’s.

Buy Tory Burch’s My First Fragrance at Sephora